you can't be missed if you never go away

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Well, so I finally decided to make an indefinitely hiatus. Yes, unfortunatelly I don't know when I'm going to get back. The reasons? Yes I have reasons. Must of them are really personal ones (maybe they can be immature and selfish ones, but I really need some time, if you understand me). But what I can say is that I wondered what to do for a looooong time already and that it's really hard for me to leave here, because one of the things I like the most is this blog and the friendships I made here and because of here. When I made this blog, I just wanted to have fun and have a place where I could express my love for INFINITE. And I really learned to love this thing here. But now, I don't know why, I'm feeling tired of everything, and keep here makes me upset. Maybe I just need a break and time to solve everything that is going on in my life, maybe I'm just being bitchy and and lazy. But I really need this pause... really... And it's kind of disappointing with myself because just now I reached my top top top goal of 5000+ followers (woah I never even imagined to have so much!) And I'm so thankful because of that, because my blog is not even good, and I'm not a cool person, and you guys still manage to follow me... idek... Well, I don't even know what to say, and don't even know what I should say to make this look like a reasonable thing, because it's not. I even thought: you should just delete this... But at the same time I thought it wasn't fair and that even though my blog is not that good I still like it to just delete it. So I'm just doing this hiatus. I'm really an unstable person, so if I'm back in a week month don't even be surprised. So... I already talked too much... I should just leave it like that... My ask box will be always open, and you guys can ask and when I see it I will surely answer. I love you guys, I really do. Thank you for everything you all already did for me. I'm sorry. And, I hope to be back soon. Mayara.